BigClown Indiegogo Promo Video


Tour of mHUB Chicago: An AMAZING Facility for Manufacturing Entrepreneurs!

 When I fantasize about working back in the lab, or dreaming of my own makerspace, this is exactly how I picture it.

Getting started with MESH

IoT Prototyping with Node.js and Firebase (Ubiquity Dev Summit 2016)

Center for Engineering Innovation and Design celebrates fourth birthday, looks to future

TI-Innovator™ Hub

GE Appliances wants to turn your design ideas into new products

GE Appliances wants to turn your design ideas into new products.
GE Appliances’ FirstBuild micro-factory gives inventors the chance to turn an idea into a product for sale.

Betabox: Mobile Learning-by-Doing

Betabox is converting old shipping containers into mobile tech labs for schools to rent as temporary Makerspaces for students.

Shipping containers turned into mobile tech labs

Inside Facebook’s crazy new hardware lab

Facebook Hardware Lab

Wunderbar Onboarding

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